Dress the Drink

Drinks are always a favorite when it comes to adding creativity and fun to a party.  Looking for new ways to top off Champagne,  the favorite drink for showers, weddings and milestone events?

Champagne comes in various degrees of dryness and price points.  Here are 2 fun easy ideas to add to the festivity.

champagne32- welcome drink options - photo by rogerio voltan

Edible flowers are always a pretty, eye catching  addition to any drink.  Hibiscus flowers placed in a champagne flute with a touch of the syrup it comes in makes a beautiful presentation.  Skewered berries, sugar rims and floating grapes add to the look and can complement theme and feel of your party.

Paper parasols are updated with colored straws. Adding gummy worms is a fun idea for a children’s party.  Photos courtesy of cater source.



Let your imagination find other fun items to add to your next party!

Grammy party themes

It’s always fun to watch the grammy’s; check out the dresses and hear the latest songs.   Staging is always a visual feast but the fun is also in seeing the decor for all the pre and after parties.  New themes each year invoke a variety of interpretations for decor.

This year’s “passport to the world” theme had many loose interpretations.  Vintage mary Poppins danced around waving umbrellas.  A character dressed carnivale style walked  around with a gondola.   Rather uninspiring centerpieces of florals with a mini world globe, to several upside down floral displays (I thought upside down florals were history by now) completed the floral scenarios.


Take a look and see what you think (photos courtesy of Bbash):


Great idea for party favors!

What a clever idea for a unique twist on party favors!  A caricaturist draws the attendees face holding a product from the company!   It created such a buzz that attendees that didn’t show up called after the fact and wanted one too!!  What a great way to keep the after party buzz going!

You can read the whole article here:

http://www.bizbash.com/how-one-party-favor-got-guests-buzzing-on-social-media/new-york/story/29014#.U_Ob51bXEat   photo courtesy of Bizbash.


Brunch for Dinner?

Breakfast is on the move – and keeps getting upgraded, whether adding alcoholic drinks or upscale appetizers to the basic dishes everyone loves. Precisely because everyone’s favorite meal is breakfast – it has seen old favorites appear in brunches (breakfast for lunch) and now is making its way into dinner!

Mini bites of reinvented breakfast items are catching on for wedding after parties, bar mitzvahs, fundraisers, parties, anniversary celebrations and other events. Think of steak and eggs wrapped in bacon in a mini vessel, pancakes with smoked duck, mini chicken waffles, etc. Appealing to all generations, breakfast for dinner can reincarnate into dessert offerings such as yogurt parfaits, cronuts, oatmeal brulee, etc.

Interestingly, quail eggs have emerged as the perfect classy addition to any party. Check out this photo of a cute version for deviled quail eggs (from Holly Kirkwood) and  a more traditional deviled egg presentation.   A smoked salmon “kronuts” and waffle chicken bites are all mouth watering choices from Abigail Kirsch and making me very hungry!



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