Yvonne Szikla, principal of Affairs with Flair and Events with a Purpose, was pleased to be interviewed for a recent Union Tribune article on event trends in the corporate arena.

Thanks to San Diego’s temperate climate and unique geography, the area offers unlimited possibilities for every experience imaginable. While conventional meeting spaces remain popular, companies are increasingly opting  to host their events at locations unique to the area.  The USS Midway, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Aerospace Museum, and Fluxx nightclub are just a few locations  that Affairs with Flair has created events for corporations.  Selecting unique venues allow for creativity to infuse events with specific themes or elements of popular culture.

Gone are the “vanilla” events of the past with boring meeting rooms and sandwich lunches.  The incorporation of fashion, interior design , food and international trends is here to stay.  For additional trends, see the full article at:


Check out this wedding cake….

Leave it to a Hollywood star to push for an out of the box, nontraditional creation for her wedding cake!  Kaley Cuoco’s  (star of the Big Bang Theory) request to the Butter End bakery for a nontraditional cake led them to create  “their most epic creation to date.”

A separate fuchsia tent featuring a five tiered upside down cake hanging from a chandelier was set up for the grand reveal.  Several weeks of work went into the design and rigging details.  Sand bags were hung from the chandelier to test the weight to make sure it would hold.  A center pull armature held the cake upright and board planks held up the individual tiers.  It took three people to hold the free standing structure while the bride  cut the chocolate almond cherry cake with cherry cream cheese buttercream. The whole cake was covered in white rolled chocolate fondant and encircled with dripping jewels complimenting the chandelier.

Start of a new trend?  Hmnn…  what do you think?




Upside down Wedding Cake

Here’s a first – an upside down wedding cake for recent bride, Kaley Cuocco.   With nerves of steel the Butter End Cakery designed this piece for the bride that appears in The Big Bang Theory.  Sandbags were hung from the chandelier to make sure it could take the weight of the cake and special armatures were created to hold it all in place.  New trend or passing fad?


5 clever ideas for table numbers

Table numbers are a great way to add a twist to your party’s theme.  Whether you aim for elegance, fun, modern or whimsical, checkout these 5  favorites:

Ceilings often get overlooked in the planning process but they are a great space to use to your advantage.  Need to bring a cavernous venue down to a cozier feel?  Think of bringing down the ceiling with a ceiling treatment.  In the first photo they did a nice job of incorporating table numbers hanging from tree branches .  Hanging it from above leaves the tables clutter free for the centerpieces to stand out.








Frames are always popular whether purchased or homemade.  These 2 samples give a classic vibe and tie in well with the centerpieces.








Selecting names of places, cities, countries, or other notable locations  add a personal touch and is fun for guests to  go from table to table and enjoy the scenes.    Incorporating the menu onto the table number saves on printing and makes an elegant keepsake for guests to take home.















We loved the clean look of this acrylic table number that also ties into the clear vase of the centerpiece.  A nice classic look!


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