Celebrity Party themes

It’s always fun to create and develop ideas for your summer party and make it your own as an expression of your style and taste.  Stumped on what to do next and need a little inspiration?  Check out the decor from these two recent celebrity events:

Barbara Streissand’s recent fundraiser for Cedar Sinai’s Heart Center embraced  the laid back outdoorsy feel of Malibu.  A raw fruit and veggie bar was showcased, by what else, a raw fruit and veggie stand!  Brightly colored florals in wood boxes accented the natural outdoors.  A dinner served inside kept the simplicity with wildflowers gracing neutral linens and table setting.


























Stella McCartney always does fun, informal and laid back interpretations of different themes.   In her last spring collection preview she enhance the outdoors with a carnival themed atmosphere. Citrus infused cocktails in summer yellow and peach colors were served in mason jars and looked cute with swirl colored straws.

Wood carts showcasing brightly colored florals amassed in galvanized buckets dotted the outdoors.  Food stations featured a twist on traditional mac&cheese.  Perched on a miniature ferris wheel , bites of mac & cheese were served in spinach cones or in bowls with a selection of toppings.  Carnival themed red and white stripped booths served desserts in mini jars – varieties of chocolate puddings, brûlées and fruit cobbler finished off the inviting spread.  All photos courtesy of biz bash.


Summer Party Entertainment Ideas

This is the perfect time of year that Southern Californians plan  outdoor beach parties, rooftop parties or back yard pool parties.  The famous “May Grey” and “June Gloom” that makes evenings cool and overcast are a thing of the past allowing everyone to enjoy sunsets over the beaches, bay and mountains.

With nature as a backdrop not much else is needed in the way of decor or enhancements – after all, how can you improve on mother nature?  Maybe add a few adult games to get everyone involved after a few beers or frozen drinks and keep the kids entertained with horseshoes, frisbees or croquet.

Hosting a company party?  Add a some pizzaz and step it up making everyone feel special with custom lounge areas, fire pits and areas handing out flip flops, towels, sunscreen, etc.  Want to bring the outdoors inside?  Check out these ideas for your next event.  Keep the sand off of the feet and on the table as part of the centerpiece, or add sea shells under or around place settings.














All photos courtesy of Bizbash

Likes and dislikes….

A few new items on the market that is worth sharing.  I’m loving the modern elegant look for lounge furniture seating with the black and crisp grey from Modern Line.

I love the silver leaf appliquéd linen from Go Linens that beautifully sets off the orchid centerpiece.   The French have used the combo of silver/grey and orchid for many years now and it’s nice to see it have a resurgence here in the US.

On the down side, mini trash cans for appetizers or dessert?  Hmnn… finding it hard to swallow that one!


Oscar Party photos

Here are more Oscar after party photos.  Floral and decorated walls continue to be popular as they envelop an area and help further the ambiance.  Paper flowers form a backdrop to a food station at the Seth McFarlane after party.

Photos courtesy of BizBash




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