Cool Summer Drinks

Summer is the time to try out new recipes and veer from the “tried and true”.  Update you backyard barbecue with a watermelon gazpacho drink – (add a touch of hot sauce for a morning brunch) or a mint mojito for a pretty and refreshing alternative to wine.  Additions to a morning brunch can be fun “shots”  – ginger, lemon, cayenne are a few ideas to to cleans the palate, boost the immune system and add color!

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San Diego county has over 100 craft breweries and palates have become more discerning.  A good way to feature a variety of craft beers is to add them as beer floats to your outdoor barbecues as a unique dessert pairing.  Try mixing your favorite beer with vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel ice cream or try a creme fraiche gelato.

Keep it simple and have fun!






Brunch for Dinner?

Breakfast is on the move – and keeps getting upgraded, whether adding alcoholic drinks or upscale appetizers to the basic dishes everyone loves. Precisely because everyone’s favorite meal is breakfast – it has seen old favorites appear in brunches (breakfast for lunch) and now is making its way into dinner!

Mini bites of reinvented breakfast items are catching on for wedding after parties, bar mitzvahs, fundraisers, parties, anniversary celebrations and other events. Think of steak and eggs wrapped in bacon in a mini vessel, pancakes with smoked duck, mini chicken waffles, etc. Appealing to all generations, breakfast for dinner can reincarnate into dessert offerings such as yogurt parfaits, cronuts, oatmeal brulee, etc.

Interestingly, quail eggs have emerged as the perfect classy addition to any party. Check out this photo of a cute version for deviled quail eggs (from Holly Kirkwood) and  a more traditional deviled egg presentation.   A smoked salmon “kronuts” and waffle chicken bites are all mouth watering choices from Abigail Kirsch and making me very hungry!



Unique Decor Ideas

Event planning is such a visual world, where messages, feelings and thoughts are conveyed through color, details, sound, food and so much more.  With no particular theme  in mind I’ve collected a few ideas here that can serve as a springboard for inspiration and imagination for your next event:

Happy planning!



Check out this wedding cake….

Leave it to a Hollywood star to push for an out of the box, nontraditional creation for her wedding cake!  Kaley Cuoco’s  (star of the Big Bang Theory) request to the Butter End bakery for a nontraditional cake led them to create  “their most epic creation to date.”

A separate fuchsia tent featuring a five tiered upside down cake hanging from a chandelier was set up for the grand reveal.  Several weeks of work went into the design and rigging details.  Sand bags were hung from the chandelier to test the weight to make sure it would hold.  A center pull armature held the cake upright and board planks held up the individual tiers.  It took three people to hold the free standing structure while the bride  cut the chocolate almond cherry cake with cherry cream cheese buttercream. The whole cake was covered in white rolled chocolate fondant and encircled with dripping jewels complimenting the chandelier.

Start of a new trend?  Hmnn…  what do you think?




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