Trending to a “Tea”

Trending now is the reinvention of an age old ritual – and it’s not your grandmother’s tea party.

With over 3,000 varieties of tea—from black to green to white to herbal and flavored—that cozy little afternoon retreat is being rejuvenated. From prim and proper, with little pinkies raised on delicate teacups in chintz chairs and doilies, tea time is trending—into the art and science of blending.

Right beside wine and craft beer, tea is popping up across the country in a variety of ways. Calorie and hangover free, tea is the ideal beverage, with a long list of health benefits, for any time of the day. Check out some new ways to discover the most amazing brew:

Posh restaurants, table side service features green tea powder whisked into a frothy delight.  match tea is a favorite, with health-enhancing claims of boosting antioxidants and mood improving effects.

Tea blending workshops where you can learn how to customize a mix of leaves. There are even computerized systems allowing guests to find a tea that fits their flavor preference and personality!

Tea tastings which provide instructions on the nuances of teas, including how to recognize and enjoy different blends, served alongside savory small bites.

It’s Tea Time Somewhere!

Tea time is also steeping into happy hour. Guests can punch up their tea with a little alcohol. Infuse a ginger lemon tea bag in tequila for 30 minutes and add a splash of cucumber juice. Or try a hearty brown tea infused with bourbon and pear juice. A nightcap of rum infused with chamomile may be the perfect relaxing nighttime elixir!

Let us develop the ultimate experience to support your mission, enhance opportunities and create memorable, tasteful-to-a tea experience!   With one phone call, we start the planning and preparation.

spring tea time tabletop

spring tea time tabletop

Tea for two by the pool

Tea for two by the pool

Cool Summer Drinks

Summer is the time to try out new recipes and veer from the “tried and true”.  Update you backyard barbecue with a watermelon gazpacho drink – (add a touch of hot sauce for a morning brunch) or a mint mojito for a pretty and refreshing alternative to wine.  Additions to a morning brunch can be fun “shots”  – ginger, lemon, cayenne are a few ideas to to cleans the palate, boost the immune system and add color!

HRC Magical Mystery Mojito cr_Hard Rock InternationalGF1307_Beverages6



San Diego county has over 100 craft breweries and palates have become more discerning.  A good way to feature a variety of craft beers is to add them as beer floats to your outdoor barbecues as a unique dessert pairing.  Try mixing your favorite beer with vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel ice cream or try a creme fraiche gelato.

Keep it simple and have fun!






Dress the Drink

Drinks are always a favorite when it comes to adding creativity and fun to a party.  Looking for new ways to top off Champagne,  the favorite drink for showers, weddings and milestone events?

Champagne comes in various degrees of dryness and price points.  Here are 2 fun easy ideas to add to the festivity.

champagne32- welcome drink options - photo by rogerio voltan

Edible flowers are always a pretty, eye catching  addition to any drink.  Hibiscus flowers placed in a champagne flute with a touch of the syrup it comes in makes a beautiful presentation.  Skewered berries, sugar rims and floating grapes add to the look and can complement theme and feel of your party.

Paper parasols are updated with colored straws. Adding gummy worms is a fun idea for a children’s party.  Photos courtesy of cater source.



Let your imagination find other fun items to add to your next party!

Grammy party themes

It’s always fun to watch the grammy’s; check out the dresses and hear the latest songs.   Staging is always a visual feast but the fun is also in seeing the decor for all the pre and after parties.  New themes each year invoke a variety of interpretations for decor.

This year’s “passport to the world” theme had many loose interpretations.  Vintage mary Poppins danced around waving umbrellas.  A character dressed carnivale style walked  around with a gondola.   Rather uninspiring centerpieces of florals with a mini world globe, to several upside down floral displays (I thought upside down florals were history by now) completed the floral scenarios.


Take a look and see what you think (photos courtesy of Bbash):


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